3 Ways to Transfer Files Via Wifi from PC to Android

For those of you office workers who often struggle with all files, of course you need a way out how to send files in an effective and efficient way, right?

At this time using a flash or data cable is considered outdated and no longer effective. Therefore this article will be very useful for you office workers.

3 Ways to Transfer Files Via Wifi from PC to Android

When viewed and reviewed, there are actually many ways or ways to transfer files from a PC or laptop to Android. Some use a data cable, email, Bluetooth to applications.

However, currently the use of Bluetooth and data cables is considered less effective because the transfer process is relatively long and slow. Therefore, wifi is here to answer any worries in transferring files.
Wifi itself has advantages over other media. Wifi has high transfer speeds with longer transfer distances without using any hardware.

Here’s how to transfer files via wifi from PC to Android that you have to do:

  1. Prepare network sharing facilities on the PC and in the file manager application.
  2. Then find the file that you want to send.
  3. If you have right click on the file and click properties.
  4. Next go to the sharing tab and tap the share option on the network file and folder sharing.
  5. Now a column will appear and select the dropdown column and look for the everyone or guest option.
  6. Click add on the right and set the permission level according to your goals and needs.
  7. The last step is to tap the share button at the bottom and the file has been sent to your cellphone.
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How to Transfer Files Via Wifi via Applications

Apart from going through the system provided by the PC, you can also download and install applications. The method is as follows:

  1. Download and install an application called ES File Manager.
  2. Make sure again that your PC and cellphone are connected to the same wifi first.
  3. If so, then open the ES File Manager application and click on the three line icon on the top left.
  4. Select the LAN option on the menu.
  5. Then click the Scanning option.
  6. After that, your laptop or PC will appear and just click on it.
  7. The last step is to move the file you want by pressing and then holding the file. How? It’s easy isn’t it?

How to Transfer Files Via Wifi via the Web

LanNote is a website that can function to transfer files from a PC to a cellphone when connected via the same Wifi. In this LanNote you can also send images, documents, or document links easily.
This facility is perfect for those of you who are working in the office so that it can make your work more effective and efficient.

The method is very easy, namely by opening the lannote.com web. After that write your name and message and if you have then choose the file you want to share.
For the recipient, if you want to open the shipment, it is also the same as opening the lannote.com web and the file will automatically be downloaded.

How? Very efficient, right?
How to transfer files via wifi from PC to android, please read carefully!

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