Tips and how to make money from YouTube using Android

Tips and how to make money from YouTube using Android

It can be said that how to earn money from YouTube using Android is hard and easy. Especially now that YouTube is supposed to be the consumption of some modern society.

So YouTube also makes it easy for every user to generate more income. So in the last five years, people are competing to become YouTube creators or YouTubers.

How to make money on YouTube with Android is simple

One way to make money from YouTube can be started with our cellphones that have cameras with capable screens. This means that the camera can later be used as a content creation tool.

In fact, if we want to earn from YouTube, there are two things we must follow. Those two things are viewers and subscribers. Because the way to make money from YouTube is to double those two things.

In the world of YouTube, content is the way to get both of the above. Content is a creative step that we can take according to our passions and interests.

Today, there are countless YouTubers and the content they offer is innumerable. So it will be easier for us to find additional ideas and inspiration.

Some of the content we can do are:

  • Adventure content
  • Cooking content
  • Android game content
  • Content review

Interesting content makes visitors like our videos. So we have to be more creative in creating content. So with interesting content, we will slowly be able to find easy ways to make money from YouTube.

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Here are some tips when creating YouTube content:

1. Content must be different from others

In fact, it is very difficult to make a difference. So what we can do is monitor other YouTubers, look for differences, and look for things that are not there from these YouTubers. We need to do research before creating content, so that our content is not lost.

2. Use unique resources

We may create content that may differ from others. We must find and be able to take advantage of the resources around us that can be useful later.

For example, adventure content by utilizing the uniqueness of the area where we live. This can be done because each region has its own differences and uniqueness of course.

So it is unlikely that you will create the same content as other YouTubers. If they were different and well packaged, the number of viewers would increase little by little.

3. Collaborate with fellow YouTubers

Helping our YouTube channel is highly recommended. Especially if it turns out that your friend is a YouTuber and already has a lot of subscribers.

So, have a good talk with your friends to create fun content. Who knows, many other viewers will also be interested in your content.

4. Understand YouTube’s mechanics

Without the approval of the YouTube team, we will not be able to monetize the platform. To earn, pay attention to YouTube mechanics such as understanding how to monetize with Adsense, knowing about copyrights, showtimes, and more.

YouTube can prepare

Not infrequently many make YouTube through the pursuit of income. Because it has been proven by many big youtubers. But if we look at the big YouTubers, we also have to look at how consistent they are in building their YouTube.

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Of course, it’s impossible to build a YouTube channel right away. So it is very important to know the good steps. This is how to make money from YouTube with Android. We hope the above reviews helped you.

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